Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Competitive Cooperative Groups

One great way I am able to motivate my students to work fast and well together is by using a competition based cooperative grouping.

Here's the run-down:

  1. Group students into groups of 4-5. (Randomly)

  2. Have groups give themselves a group name and designate group jobs:

    Group Jobs:
    *Group Leader - helps repeat instructions that the teacher gives to any student in the group that missed it the first time, manages the group, is responsible for the cooperation of the group.
    *Book Passer - collects and passes out any homework/letters/textbooks, etc.
    *Time-keeper - Keeps track of the time the group takes to do any given activity.
    *Encourager - Uses positive language and moderates the group's overall well-being.
    *Shhh Manager - Monitor's group's noise level.
    *Group/Team Job - Each group is responsible for one thing in the class. For example, keeping the Reading Corner clean and tidy, or making sure no one leaves anything behind at the end of the day.

  3. A point system is used for any activity/procedure/task... and I mean ANY.
    For example:
    Class is too noisy, so teacher writes on the board:
    "Noisy groups get -5 points, first group to do their work quietly get 10 points"
    OR (say to class)
    "First 2 groups to get all their group members' homework handed in get 30 points"
    Works conversely like this:
    "Flaming Dragons, your team needs to cooperate and not fight - minus 10 points for fighting."
    Points can also be given for class teamwork done (see earlier video on Science Revision)
    Points can be added or subtracted depending on how well groups do their group/team jobs.

  4. Points are accumulated till the end of the month, and the group with the most points gets certificates and a prize.

  5. After prizes have been given, groups are shuffled so that students have a chance to learn to work cooperatively with other students of different personality/abilities/temperaments/academic level.

  6. Repeat every month!

This kind of ongoing competitive cooperative group strategy can be utilized in many ways.
I will add posts as I remember any good pointers on how to use the groups and link them to this post, but this here is the basic gist of it.

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Praxis II test on 1 July 2009 at 16:53 said...

Thanks for providing these usefull information that will help the students to develope own ideas. They will learn to do the work in an unity.


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