Thursday, 20 August 2009

Miracle in Front of Your Eyes!

Have you ever watched a child grow?

Today, I observed the way my 3rd graders (last year) already seem to be more mature 4th graders (this year).
Surely summer wasn't all THAT long!???!?!!

In child psychology, we learn about the changes that a child goes through - physical and otherwise, and it is plain to see that children are indeed fast learners. From not knowing what language or communication is even for, to having a vocabulary that grows and expands in a way that would put an adult to shame!

The thing is, we are often so dulled by the "normal" aspects of everyday life that we fail to recognize the daily miracles happening right before our eyes.

So next time you feel frustrated with your students/children because it seems that they just never seem to learn...
- they are learning! They are learning more than you know!
They learn vicariously through observation, from daily repetitious behaviours, from the trial-and-errors of life's experiences... boy oh boy, do they LEARN!

So... just take a breath now.
Be patient with them.
Because change, in anyone, takes time.


Anonymous said...

Good post on Motivation.

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