Wednesday, 9 September 2009

An inside looks at what happens during Hangout Times in the Counseling Room


Online Teacher Resources on 14 March 2010 at 18:51 said...

What Makes a Good Teacher?

The personal qualities of successful teachers vary, but they all need to be of good character, ready to apply themselves in an enthusiastic and dedicated fashion and ready to work hard.

To be a good teacher you must be able to relate well to children and enjoy working with others. You need to be enthusiastic and creative. Patience, tact and a sense of humour will help you through the harder times. You should be willing to learn and ‘have a go’.

Principals and employers will look for a range of skills as well as expertise when they are selecting staff. If you have outside interests, for example in sport or drama, you may be able to use these to advantage in the school or early childhood centre.

Teachers in schools also need to be confident users of computer technology. Good teachers are guides for students exploring and learning from the vast knowledge available not only in their local area, but also worldwide.


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