Friday, 14 May 2010

When You Play… Rough!


Is it ok to play rough with your friends? (Applies especially to boys)
Well, YES, it is… Only IF you learn HOW to play nicely.
Take a look at the list of “Unwritten Rules” and think about it the next time you decide to play rough with your friend…

Unwritten Rules of Rough Play

  1. Engage only parties who “agree”.
  2. Be careful with weaker/smaller/female opponents.
  3. Avoid dangerous situations
  4. Expect that you might get hurt (physical/verbal) & don’t get too mad if you do get hurt.
  5. Be aware of when to stop! à Don’t wait for someone to get hurt to stop. Just have a little fun)
  6. Hold back your complete strength/words that might potentially hurt.
  7. Don’t offend/scare/others around you.
  8. Be responsible if things go wrong.



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