Friday, 20 February 2009

"So Nice Smell!!"

That's what my kids would say when I first began using aromatherapy in the classroom.

I have about 7 scents - each for different purposes.
Lavender and Jasmine, I've noticed, generally helps to calm the class down (which is many cases is exactly what I need).

Today during meditation I tried something a little different.
I got my kids to focus on 3 main senses one by one - with their eyes closed (thus completely ignoring one sense to hone in on another), I asked them first to feel the cool air from the ac blowing on their skin.

How did that make you feel?
I saw some smiles.

Next, I got them to focus on using their sense of hearing - concentrating on the sound of their breath and on the music they could hear, but blocking all other sounds out.
I saw some very resolute expressions.

Finally, I brought the scent diffuser I have in my classroom around the class.
Telling them to now try to see if they could smell anything specific in the classroom, I moved the diffuser around the room slowly, passing near their noses.

(I could feel myself relaxing too!)

Smell can so often easily be overlooked.

In doing some research about essential oils, I've come to realize that this can be of great aid to the teacher.

There are specific smells that can help us achieve certain states of mind.
Lavender, for example, is a very commonly used scent because of the wide benefits.
It can help with anxiety, depression, guilt, helplessness, irritability, nervous tension, exhaustion...

Scents like lime, orange, grapefruit, or lemon can help lift your spirits, and citrus, mint and pine can help freshen you up!

So far I have more of the calming scents (because my kids are pretty hyper usually)... but I'll soon be getting some of the more citrus scents to play around with when they seem tired or need some perking up. :)



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