Thursday, 26 February 2009

Take it Seriously, But Teach Perseverence!

The first time (ever) a kid came crying to me over a tiny little cut on their arm, I was plain amused at the severity by which he treated the small injury.
Almost disregarded it.

I mentioned this to my mom one day and she happily retorted that I had been much worse when I was a kid.

"You came crying to me with a small cut on your arm and asked me if you were going to die."

Amusing, yes.
But I began to realize that despite how small we think kids' problems are, at that age, they have not yet gained the wisdom of experience and almost everything is a HUGE problem or predicament to them!

Just because we see their problems as small, and cannot understand why they would cry like there's no tomorrow just because they forgot to bring a pencil or the like, doesn't mean we should trivialize their problems.

I've found that the key is in balance.

You see, while it's important to take their little problems seriously, it's a whole other "problem" if we coddle them each time they cry or make a fuss.

Instead, we need to give their "little" problems the due attention and care, but teach them to move on - to learn from their experiences, and to become stronger for it!

Many kids nowadays (and I say this from the point of view of a school counsellor) have difficulties facing the problems in their lives.
They easily become victims of their own faulty thought processes.

We need to equip the children of today with tools and habits of hardiness, and teach them to be active thinkers and learners, developing a tenacious outlook on life.


Praxis I test on 24 June 2009 at 17:25 said...

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